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As winter continues to dump snow across Massachusetts, we’ve gotten a ton of questions about the right equipment and tools for keeping properties safe. While we stock plenty of winter tools like snow rakes, shovels, and sidewalk salt, we wanted to take some time today and highlight our selection of high quality Husqvarna Snow blowers and power equipment. As expert Husqvarna dealers in Massachusetts, we take pride in carrying some of the most powerful, reliable, and popular power equipment on the market.

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Husqvarna Snowblowers for Massachusetts Winters

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Snowblowers need to be powerful machines, capable not only of cutting through deep, hard-packed snow, but also projecting it out and away from you and the machine. All of this power needs to be balanced with maneuverability and ease-of-use, you you can easily, safely, and efficiently guide your machine where it needs to go.

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Husqvarna’s snow throwers are built with heavy-duty two-stage components to break through and grind down snow before discharging. Cleated track-drive systems are available to cut down on slipping and sliding on steep grades and icy surfaces.

Best of all, Husqvarna’s history of engineering high quality power equipment means they outfit their machines with the most reliable hardware. Snowblowers need to be ready to fire up in even the coldest conditions. That’s why Husqvarna’s starter systems utilize practical, modern technology to make getting them started as easy as pushing a button.

Husqvarna Power Equipment

At Powell Stone and Gravel, we understand the needs of all of our clients. Whether you’re a landscaper or contractor in need of professional grade equipment, or a homeowner looking for power equipment you can rely on season after season, Husqvarna has the right tools at the right prices.

Come see us today in Lunenburg Mass to learn more about our Husqvarna power equipment, winter supplies, wood stoves, and more. Our experts are on hand to help you find the best gear for taking care of everything winter can throw at you.

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