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Powell Stone & Gravel distributes sand, gravel, and crushed stone, as well as driveway, patio, wall and design materials. We also carry beach, mason, and play sand … and during winter months, we stock salt, road sand, and sand/salt mix at our Lunenburg location. See below for specific types and uses:


Graded Base

Use: Driveways, base for patios, walkways, walls, packs down great

Size: ¾” stone with stone dust

Dense Graded Base

Use: Driveways, base for patios, walkways, walls (for sloped areas)

Size: 1 ½” stone with stone dust

Reground Asphalt

Use: Driveways, base for patios, walkways, roads

Size: ¾”


Sandy Fill

Use: Back filling foundations

Size: Any size out of banking

Common Fill

Use: Cheap fill

Size: Any size out of banking


Bank Run Gravel

Use: Base for driveways, roads, concrete

Size: Any size out of banking

Processed Gravel

Use: Topping driveways, under concrete, grades easy, packs down well

Size 3” 1 ½”, 3/8” minus

3” Crushed Gravel

Use: Driveways, parking lot base, road base, compact-able gravel

Size: 3” minus, crushed

Gravel Tailings

Use: Miscellaneous stone applications

Size: 2” – 4”, 4” – 18”


Wood Chips

Use: Ground cover, erosion control, and undergrowth prevention

Size: 1” – 3”

Screened Loam

Use: Lawns, gardens, flower beds, and planters

Size: ½” screened


Screened Sand

Use: Sand/salt mix, brick walkways, utility trenches, horse stalls

Size: 3/8” minus

Septic Sand

Use: Title 5 approved

Type: Septic systems (coarse sand)

2” minus

Mason Sand

Use: Brick, block, and stone work

Type: fine, without clay

Play Sand

Use: Under pool liners, lawns, and horse stalls


1 ½” Gravel Stone

Use: Miscellaneous stone applications

Wall Stone

Use: Building walls, erosion control

Size: 12” – 24”

Stone Dust

Use: Driveways, brick patios, flagstone walkways/patios

Size: coarse

Trap Rock

Use: drainage, backfilling walls, mixing concrete, driveways, erosion control, muddy driveways

Size: 3/8”, ¾”, 1 ½”, 2” – 4”, 6” – 10”

Washed Round Stone

Use: Landscaping, rock gardens, dog pens, flower beds, roof ballast, and exposed aggregate

Size: various

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