The Powell & Stone Story..

Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies Since 1969

A family owned business founded by Raymond A. Powell, Jr. in 1969 as R.A. Powell Construction, Powell Stone and Gravel. Which is owned and managed by Ray’s sons, Steve and Jeff, who also owned and managed Rip-It-Up Rentals, the third of the family’s businesses.

Powell Stone and Gravel is a leader in the construction and remodeling industry in Central MA, serving both professional contractors as well as residential do-it-yourselfers.

Starting with just a single pickup truck, Powell Stone and Gravel has grown to a fleet of 35 trucks to meet service demands, and offers top-of-the-line contractor-grade materials for all size home projects. They employ men and women who are knowledgeable and provide the highest-level customer service, building long-lasting and loyal relationships with those they serve.

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