Wood Pellets

Geneva Wood Pellets

We proudly carry Geneva pellets by the 40-lb bag or by the pallet (50 40-lb bags). Geneva Wood Pellets is one of the most recognized and respected brands of hardwood pellets in the Northeast. Available for pick-up or delivery, Geneva Wood Pellets burn better and are our number one choice for efficient home heating.

What Makes a Good Wood Pellet?


A premium pellet brand will be made with 100% real wood, not filler like cardboard, bark, or paper. This ensures consistent results, maximum efficiency, and clean burning. Geneva pellets, for example, are 100% hardwood, providing you with over 8400 BTU per pound.

Pick Up, or Have Wood Pellets Delivered!

If you’re buying wood pellets by the pallet, you may find it easier to just have the whole order delivered right to your property. We can arrange that with flexible scheduling and reliable drop-off times. Just give us a call or visit one ofo ur two Massachussetts locations today and learn how to set up your delivery!

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