Winter Tools & Equipment

Here in New England, homeowners and businesses need to have the tools and supplies on hand to battle Old Man Winter and all that he sends our way. At Powell Stone & Gravel, we open early and stay open after-hours to provide you with what you need if a storm catches you unprepared. Whether you’re putting in overtime hours plowing driveways, or taking care of your own property before, during, and after then next big storm, we’ve got all the essential supplies in stock and priced to move. Bulk and pre-packaged sand, salt, and mixes are available.

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Roof Rakes

Roof rakes take care of an essential task safely and efficiently. By extending your reach up to the roof without the need for tall ladders or scaling rooftops, you can protect your home from the damages of snow, ice, and water from the security of solid ground. Not all roof rakes are created equal, and at Powell Stone, we carry the most durable and reliable tools, so you know your gear is up for the job – every time.

Snow Shovels

Snow shovels are essential tools for any resident of Mass! We don’t need to tell you how important these tools are though, just make sure you’ve got a quality piece of gear in your home, car, and business so you can get things cleaned up during and after winter storms of any size. At Powell Stone, we have a a huge inventory of a variety of sizes and configurations.

More Winter Supplies

  • Husqvarna Snow Blowers
  • Snow Brooms
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Safety Snow Fencing
  • Driveway Markers
  • Ice Scrapers
  • De-Icers
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