24 Hour Delivery

To Anywhere In The Area
on in Stock Materials

Delivery Services for Gravel, Mulch and More

Stress-free from start to finish!

To Schedule Your 24 hour delivery in stock materials, Call 978-537-8100

At Powell Stone, customer convenience is our priority. This is why we offer 24 hour delivery on in stock materials.

Our delivery service is offered 6 days a week and our pricing is based on your location and order quantity.

The delivery team is always ready for any size delivery with 41 total trucks that can deliver a wide variety of products including:

  • Winter Supplies – Wood Pellets, and Salt & Sand Mixtures
  • Mulch – In many Varieties (By the cubic yard)
  • Decorative Stone – Available in different size and color options
  • Screen Loam
  • Other varied stock
What time should I call by for 24 hour delivery?
We try our best to get deliveries out the same day, but if you call by 12:00pm we will have it delivered within 24 hours.
What is the minimum order amount?
The minimum order is 1 yard for mulch or 1 ton for stone.
What is the maximum order amount?
There is no maximum, we are experts at fulfilling large orders.
Are there any additional fees?
There are no hidden or extra fees, just one delivery price based off your location and order quantity, feel free to call us for further details!
1 ton
Single axle (s/a): 1 – 10 ton
Tri axle (t/a): 11 – 25 ton
trailer dump
Trailer dump 26 – 33 ton

Lunenburg Location

133 Leominster-Shirley Road
Lunenburg, MA 01462
Choose This Location

Winchendon Location

673 Spring Street
Winchendon, MA 01475
Choose This Location

Brookline, NH Location

87 Route 13
Brookline, NH 03033
Choose This Location
We have three delivery locations to choose from
133 Leominster-Shirley Road Lunenburg, MA 01462
Mon - Fri - 7am – 5pm
Sat: 7am - 4pm
673 Spring Street
Winchendon, MA 01475
Mon - Fri - 7am – 5pm
Sat: 7am - 4pm
87 Route 13
Brookline, NH 03033
Mon - Fri - 7am – 5pm
Sat: 7am - 4pm
Material Calculators
We provide various calculators to help provide accurate calculations
mulch by the yard
Mulch Calculator
> Mulch
masonry calculator
Concrete & Masonry Calculators
> Concrete Block
> Concrete Reinforcing Mesh
> Concrete Steps
patio calculators
Patio Calculators
> Paver Base
> Polymeric Sand
driveway calculator
Driveway Calculators
> Gravel Driveway
grass seed calculators
Grass Seed Calculators
> Grass Seed
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