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Sandy Fill

Sandy Fill is clean, with no sticks or roots. As a fill dirt, it contains very little organic matter.

Use: Back filling foundations
Size: Any size out of banking

We also offer our Sandy Fill by the ton or 1 ton bags

Screened Pipe Sand

Screened pipe sand is used as an effective filtration system in modern septic systems and sewage mounds. It is produced from some of the highest quality sand & gravel, which is washed and finely screened.

Screened Sand

Screened sand is a coarse-grained sand and gravel mix. This product is made from crushing and screening the sand and aggregate.

Use: Cheap fill
Size: Any size out of banking

Common Fill

Common fill is an economical way to fill any larger holes, low spots, or to bring up grades in your yard or property. It is generally rocky (up to 12” minus) but is cheaper than clean fill or sand fill. Use this product for larger fill areas.

Use: Cheap fill
Size: Any size out of banking
We also offer our aggregates by the ton or in 1 ton bags
Three load sizes are available:
1 ton
Single axle (s/a): 1 – 10 ton
Tri axle (t/a): 11 – 25 ton
trailer dump
Trailer dump 26 – 33 ton
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