Bulk Stone Deliveries and Mulch Deliveries

At Powell Stone and Gravel, we work hard to bring quality tools for landscaping, gardening, and hardscaping to the communities we call home. One of our most popular services is bulk delivery of gravel and mulch. We provide a wide array of options for landscaping stone and garden mulch so you can choose the perfect fit for your next project. The ability to have these landscaping essentials delivered directly to your door makes any project easier and more affordable. While buying mulch or stone by the bag can be a good option for smaller jobs, buying in bulk can save money and labor by having your order brought directly to the site.

Where to Buy Stone

We’re one of the premiere distributors of gravel and decorative landscaping stone in our region of Massachusetts. When you’re shopping for stone, whether it’s classic crushed stone or a premium river stone, make sure you order from a reputable location with a selection large enough to give you an understanding of our options.

Our ability to deliver these products to your door sets us apart from other independent retailers, and makes us an ideal supplier for those working on large or medium-sized projects.

Stone Delivery

Even medium-sized jobs can require over a ton of landscaping stone. Don’t be intimidated by the weight! Talk to our experts about your project, the coverage you need, and the look you’re going for, and we can help select the right stone and the right volume for your needs. From there, just schedule a delivery time and wait. We can bring your order directly to the job site at a time that’s convenient for you. Buying landscaping stone in bulk not only saves you the labor of hauling the stone in your own vehicle, it also saves you money, as bulk stone is priced at a lower rate than pre-bagged varieties. Just tell our drivers where to leave the stone and we’ll drop in any location our trucks can safely get to.

Mulch Home Delivery

Like landscaping stone, mulch can geth eavy fast, even when working on relatively small projects. Buying in bulk is more cost-efficient than buying pre-bagged varieties, and our convenient home delivery means you save the strain of hauling the heavy materials across town.

Stop by one of our two Massachusetts locations today and learn more about how we can help you complete your next project. We work with large-scale builders as well as do-it-yourself-ers to get the job done on time and under budget.

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